Although I was born a Vancouver B.C. Canada, when I was eleven I moved to England. I spent eleven years living in a town called Prescot which was near Liverpool. During that time, my parents owned a couple of stores. The first was a grocery store, and the second was a video library. When I wasn’t in school, I spent most of my time working behind the counter at these stores.

After returning to Canada I spent a few years working at different jobs before eventually exploring possibilities for a future career. Since I didn’t have any Canadian education qualifications, I had to take a few courses before meeting the entry requirements for college. One of these courses was an English class I took in Burns Lake. I had an outstanding instructor, and this planted the seed for me to pursue a dream of getting my degree. In 1994 I attended Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops with the intention of becoming an Art & English teacher, and perhaps teaching English in Japan. Well, things didn’t go as planned. I ended up leaving College two years later with a Diploma in Digital Art & Design, and a Japanese wife.

In 1996 I moved to Vancouver, and spent a couple of frustrating years trying to get settled in my new career. Eventually, I found a job working at CityXpress, and spent eight happy years there. Unfortunately, with the downturn in the economy I was laid off. There’s an old saying “As one door closes another one opens”, and this gave me the opportunity to start my own company called Sketch to Pixels.

While running your own company can be rewarding, it also has its drawbacks. During this time, an opportunity to work at a small wholesale business as their Graphic Artist and Webmaster came along, and after some consideration, I accepted the job. I was very fortunate to find such a great and supportive employer who allowed me to take part time University courses so I could complete my degree. In the summer of 2012, I graduated with Distinction from the Liberal and Business Studies program at Simon Fraser University.

Although I have lived in many different places, had many different jobs, and after many years of education I finally have a degree, I have also had a lifelong passion for riding motorcycles. I started riding reluctantly when I was around seven because of my stepfather, but grew to love riding as the years went by. Unfortunately I don’t do as much riding as I would like to any more, but I hope to continue riding for as long as my health and budget will allow. I have written a few of my motorcycle adventures down, and posted some them on this site. I hope you enjoy them.